Cape Fear is more than proving grounds for our gear. It is a fearless attitude in pushing the limits of water life.

Cape Fear sportswear was started by water sports and snow sports enthusiast, Dennis Smith, who had a mission to make the best outerwear for watersports activities, so the weather elements would not limit his opportunities of pushing the limits and meeting new challenges. What better region to test this gear than the Cape Fear, known for its hot humid muggy weather, blazing sun, sudden violent thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rain, and noreasters. Cape Fear was a testing grounds for the ancient mariners navigating treacherous currents, rugged shallow shoals, unpredictable weather, and the notorious perilous of the Cape Fear River. Cape Fear is the ultimate proving grounds for water sports apparel, designed for style, comfort, weather elements, and watersports functionality.

The second chapter of Cape Fear Sportswear began when Chris Brady, avid yachtsman and water lifestyle enthusiast, purchased the company in 2018. Cape Fear Sportswear’s mission remains unchanged, making great water sportswear apparel, so the weather elements will not hold you back in pushing the limits of enjoying your activities. Chris Brady is committed to employing new fabrics to combat the elements – temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, rain, and sun – and new designs for style, comfort, and functionality. Each product is specifically designed to combat the weather elements, so you can fearlessly pursue the limits of your water sports activities – fishing, sailing, boating, paddling, kayaking, surfing, boarding, jet skiing, water skiing, and other water activities. As Chris says, with limited time in enjoying your watersports activities, don’t let the elements hold you back when you find time out on the water.

When you combine style, function, comfort, value, and fearless attitude, you have the world's best outerwear – Cape Fear Sportswear.