The mudslide is a great drink after being on the water all day during the summer, as the drink is sort of like a slushie, since it contains lots of crushed ice from mixing the drink in a blender.   The best mudslides are made at Traders Vic, a tiki bar at the end of the dock at Champlian’s Marina on Block Island, Rhode Island.  What makes Traders mudslides so tasty is they add New England Coffee Milk to the recipe.  If you do not have New England Coffee Milk, substitute it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream from Carvel.


Midslide Ingredients

1/3 vodka

1/3 Kahlua

1/3 Bailey’s Irish Cream

A scoop of vanilla ice cream from Carvel if you do not have New England Coffee Milk. If you don’t have either don’t worry, this ingredient is not necessary for a great drink.

Plenty of ice in a blender, so when you crush the ice it’s like a slushie.


If you want to be healthy you can add a half of a banana before mixing the ingredients in the blender.

Damn, after writing this, I realize it does not have to be the summer to enjoy this drink. I firing up the blender, it’s always five o’clock and summer somewhere and my mind is always dreaming of the waterlife.  Cheers!!!!!