Coecles Harbor is located on Shelter Island and is a hidden cruising gem in eastern Long Island, since it is difficult to find and the entrance is extremely narrow, but if you are looking for a secluded harbor to relax then this is a must location.  The entrance is located on the eastern side of Shelter Island in Gardiners Bay and while the entrance is extremely narrow, it is relatively short.  I was on a 40-foot sailboat going through the narrow channel and a man was fishing about 8-feet from the boat in hip-high water.  I was unsure if we had enough water, but the captain ensured me there was enough water as he had been there several times.

Once through the entrance, the harbor opens up and is relatively large with water approximately 10 to 14 deep throughout, but relatively few boats in the Harbor, very peaceful.  I believe the southern section of the Harbor borders on a preserve, which provides a beautiful landscape and seclusion, while on the north-side of the Harbor is the famous Rams Head Inn.  I believe you can take a dingy or paddle over to the Ram Head Inn for a meal and drinks.  We spent the next day kayaking, swimming, cooking out and consuming adult beverages, just chilling out in a very peaceful relaxed environment.  There were no boats in our immediate surroundings.  We did not go to the western shore of the harbor, where I believe there is a marina, rather we decided to enjoy the relaxation of the seclusion.      

The entrance to Coecles Harbor from Gardinders Bay is relatively difficult to find, since the red and green buoys to this narrow entrance are approximately the size of 5-mph markers and I believe are privately maintained.  This should not stop you from finding this gem, if you are looking for a secluded peaceful location to chill-out. In an area, where there are many boaters, Coecles Harbor proves there are still hidden cruising gems on Long Island.