Cape Fear Sportswear designs technical apparel and outerwear for the watersports’ enthusiasts and adventurers.  Cape Fear uses advanced technical fabrics to combat the elements to ensure maximum comfort, performance and functionality for watersports activities, while a design style for everyday wear. We continuously explore new fabrics to meet the performance requirements of watersports activities and our goal is to provide these products at affordable prices.  You won’t see us sponsoring an around the world race like the brand names, but we do provide high quality, performance and functional technical apparel and outerwear like the brand names, but at affordable prices. 

The Cape Fear brand is born from a land rich in adventure and exploration of the unknown, from Verrazano first navigating the Cape Fear River in 1524, with its the treacherous currents and rugged shallow shoals that surround the mouth of the river, mariners have pushed themselves to traverse these perilous waters and their fearless attitude is reflected in our customers pursue of watersports activities and adventures.  Sailors, fishermen and all who share a passion for the water are drawn to the Cape Fear Region for its adventure and tranquility and the brand is committed to delivering the highest comfort, quality, functionality and performance to live the water lifestyle to its fullest.  Whether navigating stormy waters or all Mother Nature can throw at you – Cape Fear Sportswear is your waterlife adventure Outfitter.