CapeFear offers technical apparel and outerwear for watersports activities! Whether navigating stormy waters or challenging all Mother Nature can throw at you – CapeFear Sportswear is your outdoor adventure Outfitter for watersports lifestyle!

Why CapeFear? Because CapeFear is made with the most advanced technical fabrics but designed for maximum comfort and everyday wear. The CapeFear brand is born from a land rich in adventure and exploration of the unknown. From the time Verrazano first navigated the notorious Cape Fear River region in 1524, the treacherous currents and rugged shallow shoals that surround the mouth of the river have evoked fear, wonder, and respect from mariners brave enough to traverse the perilous waters. The area is also known for some of the most violent weather in the world. Hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, nor ‘Easters and torrential rains are all too common to the Cape Fear region.

Despite its rough waters and unpredictable weather, people have been drawn to the Cape Fear region for centuries. Today, the ever-changing coastline, picturesque beaches, and mild climate make the Cape Fear region a paradise for sailors, fishermen, and all who share a passion for the water.

CapeFear Sportswear was developed for those who push the limits and want to experience both the adventure and the tranquility of the sea! We are committed to delivering the highest in comfort, quality, and protection to all who want to live the outdoor lifestyle to its fullest.