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Intrepid All Weather Shell - Women's

Crazy comfortable and you will get more compliments than any jacket you have worn.


Intrepid Hybrid Jacket - Women's

Incredibly comfortable in cool damp weather conditions.


Intrepid PolarTec Fleece Jacket - Women's

Function, style, and comfort for cool to cold weather conditions, stay warm while fearless pursuing your water sports activities.


Navigator Soft Shell Jacket - Women's

Combining style and comfort for many weather conditions and outdoor activities.

$164.00  $125.00

Ocean 3 in 1 Jacket - Women's

Who says you can’t have it all – incredible style, comfort, and functionality for cold weather boating and skiing.


Performance Soft Shell Jacket - Women

Combat the elements in an incredibly lightweight comfortable stylish shell


Performance Soft Shell Vest - Women's

Great lightweight comfortable vest for pushing the limits of your water sports activities or just wearing everyday


Squall Rain Suit (Red)

Enjoy your water sports activities and stand ready to take on mother nature when you need it. 





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