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Intrepid All Weather Shell

Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with my Intrepid All Weather Shell. Although I bought it for summer sailing, it is extremely comfortable with a sweater or fleece underneath even in cold weather. I particularly like the collar design because it keeps the rain from running down my neck. Small wonder it is one of your best selling items. – Butch Ulmer


Squall Rain Suit

This 2020 season I purchased the “Squall Rain Suit” from Cape Fear Sportswear for myself and for the staff that work at my yacht club.  We operate rain or shine on the water.  The Squall Rain Suit not only kept our staff dry in heavy rain and wind conditions, but the material was also durable to withstand our work environment and also flexible and comfortable to keep us in full range of motion for our jobs.  Needless to say we look forward to purchasing more products from Cape Fear Sportswear to use for work and pleasure.  – Peter Budraitis

Ocean 3-1 Jacket

After purchasing a Navigator Jacket which was my go to jacket for cool to cold weather, I purchased an Ocean 3-1 Jacket for a trip to Iceland.  In the spring and fall, I wear the Ocean 3-1 liner and outer-shell separately depending on weather conditions, but comes winter I zipper the liner in for cold weather conditions.  I have fallen in love with the Cape Fear brand, as the jackets are stylish and continue to look great year after year. I recently purchased an Intrepid All Weather Shell.  You got a customer for life and my collection of jackets cover all weather conditions. – Laure Ellis


Men's; Ocean 3-1 Jacket

Women's : Ocean 3-1 Jacket

Navigator Jacket

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my Navigator Jacket.  It’s practical for use for most of the year, as light enough, windproof and water resistant to wear during the summer evenings and nights while out fishing and heavy enough to wear during the winter with a layer underneath.  The zippered pockets make it easy to store the essentials like keys and cell phone, with the audio port for an earpiece.  The Velcro chin guard makes it easy to bundle-up when needed.  You got a customer for life, thanks again!! – John Weigele

MegaTech Performance Shirts and Hoodies

My girlfriend and I are both active outdoor enthusiast and live in a high alpine environment. Wearing a SPF shirt with or without the hood helps protect me without the hassle of applying and re-applying sunscreen.  This season I tried the MegaTech shirts both with and without the hood and I loved them.  I’ve realized it is easier to stay cool by wearing a light colored long sleeve shirt than wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt and constantly applying sunscreen.  I used these shirts for biking, paddle boarding, floating, running, hiking and they performed well.  The construction is sold and has extra material where I need it, like the cuffs on the sleeves.  Give them a try and I’m sure you will be as happy as I am with the quality. – Sean Callan & Lilly Gallo

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