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MegaTech Performance Shirts and Hoodies


I was amazed at how cool the MegaTech long sleeve hooded shirt was.  I was expecting the shirt to be too hot during heat waves, but it was quite the opposite.  The material is soft, yet durable.  I am fair-skinned and the hood and long sleeves kept the sun off my neck and arms.  I highly recommend! – Chuck McCarthy

I’m on the water almost every day during the summer, where the heat becomes unbearable.  Once, I put my MegaTech long sleeved hoodie on it’s like the sun disappears!  Combo the MegaTech hoodie with a ball cap and you’re bound to stay cool during the hot summer.  Highly recommended! – John McCarthy

Squall Rain Suit

I wear the Squall Rain Suit in foul weather while sailboat racing in what would be a very uncomfortable environment and I stay dry and warm.  The jacket and pants do not restrict my movement required to do my jobs on the boat.  The color is very flattering when you are in heavy seas and thinking what would happen if I fell overboard.  Very glad I purchased this product. Sail on sailors. - Deirdre Mazariegos

Intrepid All Weather Shell

I love my Intrepid All Weather Shell, as I wear it almost every day.  Depending on the weather is how I adjust what I wear underneath.  It really stands up well to everything that I beat it up with on a daily basis from various construction management jobs to out sailing on my boat.  It matches up to so called name brand rain jackets, but offers more features, such as three toggles to keep hood in place and not over my eyes.  I would definitely recommend the Intrepid All Weather Shell to anyone looking for a performance rain jacket.  – Mike Gallo

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