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Geneva, NY Lake Trout Capital of the World

Geneva, New York is located on the northern end of Seneca Lake and annually hosts the National Lake Trout Derby since 1964, during Memorial Day Weekend.  Seneca Lake is a member of the Finger Lakes, a group of eleven lakes, narrow, roughly north-to-south located in New York.  Seneca Lake is the second longest of the Finger Lakes at 38 miles, but has the largest volume of water, as the average depth is 291 feet and maximum depth is 618 feet.  Seneca Lake was a training base for the U.S. Navy during World War II due to its deep waters.  Underground springs feed the lake, which keeps the water moving in a circular motion, giving it little chance of freezing over during the winter and since the lake is so deep, the water temperature remains relatively stable at 39-degrees Fahrenheit, but during the summer the top 10 to 15 feet warm to temperatures in the 70 – 80 F range.  The warm and cold layers of water can be thought as oil and vinegar.  Since the water temperature is relatively cold throughout the year, Seneca Lake is home to coldwater fish, such as lake trout and Landlocked Atlantic salmon making it a great location for an annual lake trout derby.

Jib Sheet Controls to Shape Sail

The shape of the headsail, jib/genoa, should be similar to the shape of the mainsail for boat balance and speed, which are determined by wind speed and sea conditions.  For his blog, the headsail will be referred to as the jib.  

A Hidden Cruising Gem in Eastern Long Island; Coecles Harbor

Coecles Harbor is located on Shelter Island and is a hidden cruising gem in eastern Long Island, since it is difficult to find and the entrance is extremely narrow, but if you are looking for a secluded harbor to relax then this is a must location.  The entrance is located on the eastern side of Shelter Island in Gardiners Bay and while the entrance is extremely narrow, it is relatively short.  I was on a 40-foot sailboat going through the narrow channel and a man was fishing about 8-feet from the boat in hip-high water.  I was unsure if we had enough water, but the captain ensured me there was enough water as he had been there several times.

Mainsail Controls for Proper Sail Trim - Balance and Speed

Proper mainsail trim is important for boat balance and speed and the importance has increased over the years as many newer designed sailboats have reduce the size of the headsail while increasing the size of the mainsail. Proper mainsail trim takes into account wind speed as well as wave conditions.

Many sailboats have a host of mainsail control lines – mainsail sheet, Cunningham, traveler, backstay, boom vang, mainsail halyard and outhaul. All these control lines change the shape of the mainsail.

A Great Drink After Out on the Water All Day

The mudslide is a great drink after being on the water all day during the summer, as the drink is sort of like a slushie, since it contains lots of crushed ice from mixing the drink in a blender.   The best mudslides are made at Traders Vic, a tiki bar at the end of the dock at Champlian’s Marina on Block Island, Rhode Island.  What makes Traders mudslides so tasty is they add New England Coffee Milk to the recipe.  If you do not have New England Coffee Milk, substitute it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream from Carvel.


Mudslide Ingredients

1/3 vodka

1/3 Kahlua

1/3 Bailey’s Irish Cream

A scoop of vanilla ice cream from Carvel if you do not have New England Coffee Milk. If you don’t have either don’t worry, this ingredient is not necessary for a great drink.

Plenty of ice in a blender, so when you crush the ice it’s like a slushie.


If you want to be healthy you can add a half of a banana before mixing the ingredients in the blender.

Damn, after writing this, I realize it does not have to be the summer to enjoy this drink. I firing up the blender, it’s always five o’clock and summer somewhere and my mind is always dreaming of the waterlife.  Cheers!!!!!

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